Why Georgia?

Why Georgia?

Georgia has some of the most amazing and inspiring sights in the country. Thriving cities, charming towns and white-sand beaches make Georgia one of the most unique cities in the United States. But that is not the only thing that makes Georgia unique. Georgia stands as a clear leader in the U.S. in several industries and arts and entertainment are two of the biggest.

From dance, interactive game design and filmed entertainment to music, broadcast radio and television, and animation, the state is truly an industry powerhouse. We think Georgia should be top of mind as a State for the arts globally. The creative industries in Georgia represent a combined $37 billion in revenue, including 200,000 employed with $12.1 billion in earnings, and $62.5 billion in total economic impact.

How Did Georgia Become a Leader in Arts and Entertainment?

Along with a broad network of production and recording facilities, the latest production equipment and suppliers, and gaming and interactive media developers, Georgia offers a film, television and digital entertainment tax credit of up to 30 percent. This tax credit creates significant cost savings for companies producing feature films, television series, music videos and commercials, as well as interactive games and animation.

Georgia's Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides a 20 percent tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia, either in a single production or on multiple projects. The state grants an additional 10 percent tax credit if the finished project includes a promotional logo provided by the state. If a company has little or no Georgia tax liability, it can transfer or sell its tax credits.

Japanese Business in Georgia

Japan businesses has had a long successful business relationship within the state of Georgia. Georgia is regarded as the center of Japanese industry in the U.S. Southeast. In fact, Japanese- affiliated companies have invested $10.4 billion in Georgia, where 547 Japanese-affiliated companies currently operate. These companies together employ 36,809 workers (as of January 2012). Some major Japanese firms in Georgia are Kubota Manufacturing of America Corp., NACOM Corporation, Yamaha Motor Mfg. Corp. of America, and YKK (USA) America, Inc. Georgia's exports to Japan in 2011 amounted to $1.2 billion, making Japan its 5th largest export market.