Program Services

Program Services

Our study abroad experiences have various lengths and components depending on the specific experience. Here are all of the various components we incorporate into our program experiences.

Expert 1-on-1 Interactions

Whether its instruction with an elite dancer or a Q&A session with an industry icon, the benefit is all the same. The knowledge gained during these sessions which can be adjusted to an individual's unique passions and learning styles, are extremely valuable.

While working to make sure no interaction will be 100% scripted, our 1-on-1 interactions are designed to promote collaboration, open dialogue and the sharing of ideas which create a more natural, comfortable and more organic experience. Not only are participants able to present preferred topics, but adjustments can be made in the direction of the interaction as needed to make the experience most beneficial.

Industry-Specific Events

What are the new trends? What are the industry influencers excited or worried about? Benefits of attending an industry-specific conference, festival or event range from making valuable networking connections, to education, to staying up to date on industry trends and issues. And, as specialization becomes more and more important in today's marketplace, in- person industry events will allow attendees to hone in on trends and issues that may not be attainable through online research.

Attending these industry events is one of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry in which you have an interest. Most events feature presentations, panel discussions and workshops from industry experts and influencers. These presentations aim to teach attendees new skills, best practices, and actionable ways to achieve long- term success all while surrounded by experts.

Corporate Tours

This unique experiential learning opportunity introduces participants into actual work environments and prospective career paths within. Typically, these experiences include a site tour, an extensive Q&A session and a behind the scenes look of the organization with a key staff member. The main objective of our tours is to provide a much deeper understanding and lasting impression of an employer's brand.

Our tours are excellent early career development opportunities for those interested in networking with employers, exploring various professions, and experiencing cross- functional workplace roles. Along with unique perspectives into organizations, host organizations expose participants to internal cultures and industry insight.

Corporate Speaker Series

We have designed our corporate speaker series with industry influencers as a means of sharing their knowledge and expertise. The reality is that students have their considerations and preferences when pursuing career paths. In some cases, only after gaining first-hand exposure can they gain the appropriate perspective. Through these influencer interactions, our goal is for participants to adopt new ideas and preferences for their career aspirations.

Speakers interactions will vary in length, but all will include industry insight, personal background and company overview. More importantly speakers will be focused on providing professional advice and providing a truly interactive Q & A session as well. In some cases, we offer sessions with multiple speakers to share information more informally.


One of the best early professional experiences is an internship that provides a well-rounded hands-on education. The most important element of our internships is the integration of theory with practical application and skills developed in a professional setting.

Our internships provide students with the soft skills needed in the workplace and in leadership positions. Skills we feel are critical in working in many industries but especially the arts. Skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork can all be learned and utilized beyond that experience.

ESL Language Program

The world is becoming more and more interconnected every day and English is considered to be one of the most important languages to learn, especially for the arts. And if you are going to learn English, there is no better place to study English as a second language than the United States.

Our program offers several English learning options. In addition to our non-credit classroom general English instruction and industry-specific English lessons, we are passionate about our experiential-learning sessions that consist of outside the classroom, hands-on English learning experiences. Not to mention it's just plain fun! Participants can benefit from field trips to grocery stores, shopping venues and various Atlanta must-see locations that provide an exciting experience that supports their English learning journey. Some field trips offer practice opportunities, while others are more geared towards developing confidence when traveling around a new and unfamiliar U.S. city.

We also offer Intensive English Programs (IEP) through Georgia Tech Language Institute (GTLI). Located on the campus of Georgia Tech, GTLI is one of the top language schools in the country. Students from more than 100 countries have attended the program. The mission of the GTLI is to increase the English language proficiency and cultural understanding of their students to help them meet their academic, professional, and social needs. Our ESL programs are designed with the ability to transfer credit to your home university degree program. We will work very closely with students to ensure each student receives the appropriate transfer credit from their home university.

ESL Credit Transfer Assistance

When the transfer of credit option is available by host universities, students can collaborate with SAFA advisors on the process to have all credit received abroad transferred to their home university. Every effort is made to assist students in applying their study abroad credit directly to their degree requirements. Even though our advisors will advise on the credit process, ultimately the responsibility lies with the student to complete the process. SAFA, at the completion of the program, will forward official transcripts to the student's host university.

Dance Studio Classes

Today, Atlanta is home to over 300 recording studios, 60 music venues, 30 music festivals and 4 professional sports teams that showcase long beloved, currently popular, and swiftly rising talent. It only makes sense to have unbelievable dance studios to support and train the thriving dancers within the entertainment and sports dance industry. From hip hop to ballet, our program has partnered with several of Atlanta's top dance studios to offer an array of classes. Together with our advisors, classes will be collaboratively selected for participants based on their interests and skill level.

Dance Team Visits

Atlanta is a great sports town! As a result we have some phenomenal cheerleader and dance teams that support our teams. Our program, when available, will allow participants to visit practices sessions with various sports dance teams around the city. Experience how they prepare for each game, experience how they practice and most of all experience how they create the best fan experiences in the country.

Sightseeing Tours

Georgia has become one of the most popular destinations in the country. Among the nation's fastest-growing metro areas, Atlanta is attracting newcomers from around the country and the world. 16.5 million people come to visit Atlanta each year. With a flare for the arts and entertainment, Atlanta offers a wide selection of museums, music venues and a thriving theatre, movie and music scene.

Atlanta features award-winning restaurants and chefs, iconic locales that rival any across the country - including the CNN Center and the Western hemisphere's largest indoor aquarium. A thriving arts scene features some of the nation's finest interactive museums, unique galleries and award-winning music venues. The renowned Woodruff Arts Center offers the world-class Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, High Museum of Art and Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre. In recent years Atlanta's centrality, vibrant music and movie scene, business climate, and gracious living have transformed the city into a magnet for travelers from all parts of the world.

Volunteer Abroad

The best way to become a global citizen is to take part in making change around the world. In addition to making new connections and learning new skills, making an impact on a community can be an experience of a lifetime.

Through SAFA's local charity partnerships, experiences are created that perfectly suit a visiting study abroad student. All participants will acquire a cross-cultural experience and gain in-depth knowledge about important community problems and issues.